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Akshay Chopra

Serial Angel Investor & Chief Innovation Officer

Akshay is a venture builder, investor, and fintech executive. He serves on multiple startup and nonprofit boards, including the MENA FinTech Association, and advises organizations and governments. Akshay holds 7 patents and his executive roles include VP of Innovation & Crypto Solutions for Visa CEMEA.

- Serial Venture Builder, Angel Investor, Board Member, and FinTech Executive
- Executive roles include VP of Innovation, Design, and Crypto for 92 markets (CEMEA) at Visa
- Board member at MENA FinTech Association
- Globally renowned speaker and thought leader, interviewed by CNN, CNBC, HBR, CEO Middle East, and more
- Angel investor in 18 startups globally with some very public and lucrative exits
- 7 global patents and dozens of innovations in the public domain
- Teaches blockchain & AI courses at SMU Academy, CFTE and more
- Built an analytics JV between Singapore Government & Deloitte (Deloitte Greenhouse)
- MBA from Indian School of Business, B.A. (Honors) in Economics, Certified Professional Coach

Akshay is a serial venture builder, angel investor, board member, and fintech executive. A renowned industry figure and thought leader, Akshay has built fintech, ventures, patents, partnerships, and innovation hubs globally, and his insights have extensively featured in Tier 1 media.

Akshay serves on several for- and non-profit boards, including the MENA FinTech Association, and advises innovative governments and organizations globally. His career highlights include roles such as VP of Innovation & Crypto Solutions for Visa CEMEA. Akshay is also an investor in 237 Ventures and frequently invests in startups in FinTech, blockchain, AI, and SpaceTech.

Akshay spent over 8 years at Visa, establishing their Innovation, Digital Partnerships, and Crypto Solutions functions, initially in Asia-Pacific and then CEMEA. This includes building Visa’s award-winning Innovation Centers and teams in Singapore, Dubai, Kenya, Russia, and Riyadh.

Akshay holds 7 global patents in the FinTech and payments, and has served in various digital leadership capacities in Asia-Pacific and EMEA. He has played a key role in the development of numerous commercially successful products in eCommerce and digital banking.

Tier 1 global media outlets have extensively covered Akshay’s work and thought leadership; he has been featured in CNN, CNBC, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Financial Times, and more. He is a frequent keynote speaker in world-leading events.

Prior to Visa, Akshay co-founded and led the Deloitte Greenhouse in Southeast Asia, a joint initiative between the Singapore government and Deloitte, focused on analytics-driven innovation. Before Deloitte, Akshay served as Director, Emerging Markets at Gartner, and started his career at Standard & Poor’s.

Akshay holds an MBA from the Indian School of Business and B.A. (Honors) in Economics from the University of Delhi and is a Certified Professional Coach.

Akshay Chopra
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